Why more medium and large-scale business are engaging with the cloud

In the five years since cloud computing started to beguile the enterprise community, an increasing number of medium and large scale organisations are actively discussing a move to a cloud-based IT infrastructure. There is no geographical delineation, the same trend being expressed across the globe, particularly in the Far East, Europe and the IT powerhouse of South East Asia and Singapore.

Hesitation breeds a new industry

Any hesitation on the part of medium and large-scale corporations to move to the cloud is centred around three principal areas of concern: cost, security and scalability. Whilst many small operations have willingly embraced this new paradigm of information technology, many larger corporates are reluctant to transfer to what many still regard as being an ‘untested’ platform.

As the cloud has grown, it has therefore spawned a new industry of cloud consulting. In Singapore and South East Asia, the acceptance of cloud computing is more advanced and the need for ongoing consulting and the provision of genuinely expert advice has therefore increased. This is not surprising. The idea of moving a premises-based IT infrastructure to a medium that appears at first sight to be completely nebulous can make some executives nervous.

Cost, security and scalability

For companies contemplating transition to the cloud, an established platform is the first requirement, cost being the second, and security and flexibility, the third. The answer for many has been to jump on the back of an already globally established player, in the form of Amazon Web Services (AWS). With security and global access already built in through the international Amazon IT estate and local server network, the main concerns for potential IT migrants are limited to cost and scalability.

AWS, acknowledging the natural hesitation of some businesses to transfer to a new medium, offer maximum flexibility with familiar IT architectures. IT managers will feel completely at home with the methodology used by AWS, yet still be excited by the elasticity on offer. Furthermore, any cost-based objections are soundly defeated by the fact that AWS clients only pay for what they use, there being no upfront or maintenance fees.

Future drift to the cloud

Given the requirements for medium and large-scale businesses operating in today’s global market, especially the need for mobile/multi-platform data access, the idea of maintaining a building full of ageing and devaluing hardware is not a realistic business case for most organisations. The cloud will only become more advanced as time goes on and the value, security, flexibility and reliability that it provides will continue to advance, likely becoming the accepted norm for both medium and large-scale businesses in the future.

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