There are several key security advantages of migrating your business to the cloud. These include a vast array of real time updates and alerts, and access to a wider variety of different solutions for any given security issue that you would have with security software installed on your company’s computer. Once your company has migrated to the cloud, it is vital that your security is up to date.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is a useful organisation to consult for anyone interested in cloud security. The CSA was set up back in 2008, as a not for profit organisation whose aim was to research and inform people about the best security solutions for the cloud.

One very helpful service that the CSA has set up includes the STAR registry. STAR stands for Security Trust and Assurance Registry. It is a list of cloud computing companies that includes information about how good their security controls are. This registry is free and open access for the public and can be a great resource for anyone wanting to double check companies working in the cloud (

Cloud computing security has been the site of exciting innovations in digital security as a whole. From detective solutions that put a stop to insider attacks to corrective controls that fix issues in real time, there are a whole host of types of security software patrolling the cloud and keeping your company and customer data safe.

Cloud computing security focuses on the most important aspects of marketing and trading on the cloud. Identity protection, privacy, and the security of data, personnel and physical assets are all integral parts of cloud computing security.

For instance, it is crucial that the financial data that a customer transfers to you at the point of sale is powerfully encrypted. It is also important that customer data (such as addresses and other sensitive details) are protected. The cloud is an amazing source of Big Data and everything is being done to keep it safe.

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