Transforming Your Business With Technology


Leading Manufacturer of Spices 

BABA is Malaysia’s leading manufacturer of curry mixes and spice powders, capturing in excess of 60% of the Malaysian market. Recent studies have shown that at least one in the three main meals consumed by Malaysians, daily-contain at least one product from BABA’s range.

Established in 1977, it supplies over 30 products ranging from Masala mixes, pure spice powders, pure, food mixes, snacks and sweet mixes. Today, BABA’s can be found in North America, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, most of Southeast Asia and almost every Malaysian kitchen near or far.

Expanding Footprints on Cloud 

After successful implementation of SAP S/4HANA, BABA decided to expand its footprints on the cloud by running HR leading innovative software and solutions to empower Baba’s businesses to strengthen  organizational capabilities to streamline their internal processes. 

Baba was satisfied with the phase 1 project where Cloud Comrade implemented SAP S/4HANA on AWS infrastructure to lower its IT infrastructure, costs and time. Most importantly, Baba’s platform was designed with intense security best practices. This time it was no challenge for Baba to look out for the leading infrastructure and cloud provider to implement the software. 

Delivering Flexible and Innovative Solutions 

Managing payroll and HR process is a very meticulous task that even a minor error could result in heavy damage. When it comes to leading organizations, they make sure their operations are automated and managed to lessen manpower, staffing cost and time. This was the same thought for Baba too as they wanted to run their operations in an automated manner. 

To automate the organisation’s HR operations, Cloud Comrade along with AWS helped BABA to implement Orisoft’s HR software to offer a complete end-to-end suite of human capital management and payroll solutions. The Organisation wanted to implement Orisoft as its applications are highly scalable and serve to support, manage and nurture the teams with speed and efficiency as well as compliance and accuracy.

Secured and Compliance ensured solutions

One of the main challenges that BABA had was to have secured and compliance ensured solutions. Orisoft comes with built-in secured and compliant applications. Orisoft generates comprehensive reports at frequent intervals and also certify that any of its software used complies with the latest regulatory requirements.

Baba was able to access anytime, anywhere as their data is securely managed and monitored. They were also able to avoid many inefficiencies using the cloud-based software with the help of Cloud Comrade experts and AWS. 

Improved Business Efficiency and Operations 

After implementing Orisoft, BABA has reduced the organizations’ operational costs and automated the speed of their day-to-day operations. This has enabled Human Capital Management to deliver innovative and flexible solutions. 

BABA is now built on a complete, security-rich platform suitable for their business. This has improved the recruiting function, employee satisfaction and team management. Cloud-based solutions have helped BABA on these aspects and they are monitored and managed with the support of Cloud Comrade.