Cloud computing is a third generation way of managing business data, using a network of secure servers hosted on the internet. The servers process and manage data more efficiently that a personal computer or local server.

Not sure if the cloud is right for you? Here are some facts on how this technology can help grow your business to its full potential:

Increase collaboration and teamwork

Employees need to collaborate and work as a team to achieve set goals and objectives. Cloud computing helps to achieve this objective as it allows all members of the organisation to synchronise, share apps and even work on documents together from anywhere in the world. A recent study carried out by Frost & Sullivan showed that companies that invested in this technology achieved 400% return on investment.

Work from anywhere

Your employees will be able to perform their daily duties and obligations from anywhere in the world as long as they have internet access. This flexibility has been proven to increase productivity of employees significantly.

Enhanced security

There is a need to put in a robust security infrastructure in your business to ensure that classified data and documents do not land in the wrong hands. Companies that offer cloud computing services have invested in modern systems that guarantee the safety of all information stored on their servers. More importantly, the data can still be accessed even if the laptop is stolen.

Automatic software updates

Cloud computing companies have expert personnel who perform server maintenance tasks such as upgrading security protocols. This in turn saves clients time and money that would have been spent managing the servers.

No more complex disaster recovery plans

Companies that have embraced this technology no longer need to come up with sophisticated disaster recovery plans. A recent study conducted by Aberdeen Group showed that businesses that use cloud resolve data issues in less than 2.1 hours. Results from this study also showed that medium size firms recorded the best recovery time as compared to larger companies and organisations.

Clearly, cloud computing is one of the most cost effective and guaranteed ways of elevating your business to the next tier of success.

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