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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has confirmed its intention to be greener than ever before with the launch of a massive new renewable energy project in the United States. The cloud company has revealed it will be building the largest solar farm in Virginia, which will be expected to start generating around 170,000 megawatt hours (MWh) […]

Startup businesses are driving the Internet of Things revolution. We’ve already seen Google acquire thermostat maker Nest. Nest, along with Ecobee, is challenging massive corporate giants like Honeywell in their traditional markets. Every day, new startups launch crowd-funding efforts to create new IoT devices that will disrupt other markets. If your enterprise isn’t responding to […]

Amazon Web Services CodeDeploy technology has rolled out of its American homeland and is now available to users in both Europe via the Ireland data centre and Asia-Pacific via Sydney. CodeDeploy helps businesses automate their code deployments both on-premises and in the cloud via Amazon EC2 instances. This allows for highly efficient delivery of code […]

The United States Geological Service has long made its famous Landsat imaging data free to application developers, but there’s been a degree of leg work involved in getting any of that imagery into Amazon Web Services. Amazon has made the process easier for users and now offers some 85,000 images spanning the globe, which can […]

Synergy Research Group has just published new data showing impressive growth for Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) division. The company’s cloud data storage and processing technology now claims 28% of the global market, and is still growing. That represents a five-year high for market share and 50% year-over-year growth in the increasingly competitive cloud infrastructure services […]

Most cloud solutions are built on hypervisor and virtual machine technologies. There are few cloud providers who offer bare metal servers instead of virtual machines but they are more of an exception. In general the cloud provider, in this case an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, builds their services on top of a hypervisor […]

Many people working in IT have probably already heard about Docker. Docker is the next stage of virtualisation enabling applications to be run in virtualised containers. The use of Docker is especially beneficial to application developers who no longer have to worry about the underlying infrastructure and application dependencies when moving from one environment to […]

Data centres use enormous amounts of power to run their millions of servers and to keep them cool, and so when Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest cloud-computing operation in the world, promised to go 100% green by only using renewable energy, environmentalists everywhere rejoiced. The many corporate clients of AWS, in Singapore and wider […]

Docker, the new service being touted by many as the next major innovation in cloud computing, has found a new home as part of the world’s leading cloud computing company. During an announcement on Thursday, Amazon Web Services unveiled plans for a new cloud service. The new enterprise is focused on helping software engineers, developers […]