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Firth Investment Mgmt Pte Ltd

About Firth Investment 

Firth Investment is an independent, Singapore based Asian equity boutique founded in 2007 by Richard Firth. Firth has established track records in both Asia ex-Japan small-cap investing and in systematic investment in Asia ex-Japan stocks. They offer bespoke quantitative design services on an advisory basis. 

The organisation believes that an investment process utilising fundamental research and quantitative analytical tools can deliver a better return and risk outcome over time compared to regional equity benchmarks. The firm is incorporated in Singapore and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and holds a Capital Markets Services Licence. 

The Challenge 

Firth Investment Company were initially running their operations on an in-house server, as they wanted to build their own robust data centers and relied heavily on the model to scale up their services, support more users and store data. But the challenge they faced with the in-house server was that it required capital investment for hardware and infrastructure. 

The organisation decided to explore a cloud-based platform in terms of computing, delivery of software and applications. Along with this very important decision, the company was also looking for a safe and secure storage space, where data and applications could be easily accessed and the operational costs kept to a minimum. One of the main reasons for migration was to reduce the manpower instead of accessing via physical servers. 

Why Amazon Web Services?

Firth Investment wanted to migrate their servers to a cloud-based platform with the right partner and the right cloud provider. Cloud Comrade being a premier partner of AWS, focus on the customer needs with highly equipped staff. 

The company decided to migrate to Amazon Web Services through Cloud Comrade as they could deliver the best cloud migration results. The management chose AWS to migrate their servers to the Cloud as it not only benefited in terms of resilience, automation, flexibility and scalability but also on running costs.  

Firth Investment adopted Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to offer a scalable compute capacity in the Cloud and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) for persistent block-level storage. In order to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) was used. Virtual Private Cloud was used for networking and delivering content. The component used to monitor all the AWS cloud resources was Cloud Watch and Cloud Trial. GuardDuty has been used for threat detection service that continuously monitors for malicious activities and unauthorized behaviour to protect AWS accounts and workloads. 


The Organisation feels that migration to the cloud has been well-suited as it helped them reduce their capital expenses. Through cloud computing, there is less infrastructure to be maintained and the cost associated with the day to day maintenance has been significantly lowered. Firth has made sure that the IT department operates more effectively in a cloud computing environment as there were no infrastructure concerns, software upgrades and day-to-day issues. 

All the benefits were possible through Cloud Comrade who has been in every step of their journey to the Cloud, allowing the company to adapt to their needs and goals without a large investment.