Singapore’s small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) are among the world’s fastest adopters of cloud computing services, according to a new report from hosting and cloud automation platform specialist Parallels. According to the report “Parallels SMB Cloud Insights”, Singapore SMBs are set to spend S$520 million (US$415.26 million) on cloud computing solutions and services this year.

Much of that amount (S$195 million or US$155.72 million) is earmarked for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing infrastructure which Cloud Comrade specialises in delivering and tailoring to suit the needs of to its business customers. Singapore’s SMBs are also set to spend S$142 million (US$113.4 million) on software-as-a-service. Other cloud investments will include S$126 million (US$100.62 million) on unified communications and S$57 million (US$45.52 million) on web presence services, including collaboration software, email and hosted PBX.

These are impressive figures by any standards, especially when the size of the Singapore business market is taken into account. In the report, Pavel Ershov, Parallels’ vice president of service providers business for the Asia-Pacific and Japan regions, remarks that “The size of the Singapore SMB cloud services market may be smaller than the other mature markets in the region, but the country’s SMBs are amongst the fastest adopters of cloud services – both in usage and sophistication.”

It is easy to understand the enthusiasm of Singapore businesses for the cloud infrastructure, when you realise that migrating to the cloud can deliver significant benefits in terms of saving both time and money. For example, businesses that Cloud Comrade has helped to migrate to AWS have discovered that the solution’s manageability and scalability have helped to boost productivity and, as a result, increased profitability. Pavel Ershov notes in the report: “SMBs today have the best of both worlds to help them grow their businesses–cloud services offerings with enterprise-grade capabilities at affordable costs.”

For those Singapore SMBs which haven’t yet embraced the Cloud, the latest Parallels report may give them a fresh reason to consider the benefits, such as cost savings and enhanced levels of productivity, that migrating from a physical IT infrastructure to cloud computing can deliver. Indeed, they may not want to postpone the migration for too long, as, according to the report, businesses that do not use cloud computing in one way or another are now in the minority, with sixty three percent of businesses turning to solution providers like Cloud Comrade for managed or hosted services.

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