Our range of professional cloud IT services can take care of your every need.  From strategising and designing to deploying and managing your applications, our solutions can keep you always a step ahead. 


Just as it is important to understand the workings of cloud computing, we believe in fully understanding your business, needs and requirements in order to fulfill your objectives and give you maximum ROI. That is why a Cloud Comrade assessment is essential in the cloud implementation process.  Our in-depth assessment of your existing infrastructure will ensure that we expertly tailor services and resources to fully benefit your business. Cloud Comrade is a CiRBA Powered Services Provider. CiRBA is the gold standard for Automated Capacity Control software in virtual and cloud infrastructure. Together with CiRBA we provide software based analytics services that streamline and improve decision-making processes for cloud migration.


Understand the potential, power and flexibility of a cloud computing infrastructure. Sign up for a Cloud Comrade strategy workshop to discover and evaluate the opportunities that cloud computing can bring to your business.  Here, you can develop a deployment roadmap to suit your business model, or equip your in-house teams with the skills and knowledge to power up your business.


With a host of ready solutions, the next question comes – what step should you take? Our consultants can help you choose the right cloud computing platform that will best suit your business needs and goals for growth. 


Get a feel of the dollars and sense of moving to the cloud. Request for a no-obligations quote and find out how we can positively impact your bottom line and ROI.  We take great care in providing you accurate calculations, breaking down component costs, and projecting future scalability requirements. We will also help you to determine your Total Cost of Ownership. 


How will it work, and how can we get there? Migrating to the cloud requires a well-thought out process which may appear hazy to many, but we’ll clear the skies for you. For your clarity, our team will devise a roadmap and implementation strategy, so that you can have a clear understanding of every single aspect of the transition and timeline. This way, you can have complete confidence in your cloud migration before we get started.


Like constructing an actual building, it’s imperative that your cloud architecture is done right the first time. At Cloud Comrade, we plan right down to the detail. We pride ourselves in being Asia’s foremost experts in cloud computing principles and best practices.  With our keen understanding of the Asian market, we will scope your project to find the right deployment model for your business, and designing it so that it drives efficiency and total scalability.



Data migration can feel like a mammoth task especially for businesses with terabytes of data that are expanding by the day.  Feel the weight lift off your shoulders, as our multitude of experience with big data can help ease that load. Our high-speed industry-leading transfer solutions can ensure that your data is migrated to the cloud with lots of capacity to breathe and grow.


Whenever we take on a project, we make sure that we adhere to a proven system – we do our homework. This means that we take great care to thoroughly evaluate your requirements before we design a cloud computing strategy specific to your business. This helps us bring you optimum benefits through cloud computing.

Proof of Concepts

We wouldn’t launch any concept without first making sure that it’s the right choice. With careful planning tailored to your business, we will show you through the Proof of Concept (PoC), how Amazon Web Services cloud computing can be a viable solution for your business. From every stage – consulting, design, and testing the PoC within your infrastructure – we’ll help you understand the benefits and opportunities that lie in store for your business.


It costs a lot more to build a new house each time you have a new family member. Imagine how much easier it would be if you could just add rooms to your house as and when you need it. Likewise, developing or running applications on dedicated application servers can put a huge strain on infrastructure performance and your total cost of ownership. Move your applications to the cloud using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, and you can enjoy complete flexibility over your development and software environments, 24/7 access to your applications and complete control over scalability.


No hits and misses. When it’s time to roll out your solution, we always go with tried-and-tested, and not trial-and-error. To ensure that we get it right every time, we use robust, proven and carefully designed deployment templates, which are backed up by the planning and design work that you have already approved. This seamless transition offers you the least disruption to your business.


Moving data, services and applications to the cloud can appear to be a hefty task for many, but at Cloud Comrade, we have mastered the art of migration. Taking a methodical approach, we will work closely with you in devising a plan to ensure that your day-to-day operations maintain its optimum uptime without any data loss or damage, or degradation in service.


Our years of experience and our persistent need for perfection motivate us to ensure that your cloud implementation proceeds exactly as planned. We only use the best of breed cloud solutions, so that you get the best returns on your investment. In addition, we offer training and transition management for your new cloud implementation to ensure total buy-in from your employees who may be using the system.


Like every home that is secured with a lock and key, and even more, robust security measures are essential to protect the integrity and privacy of your data from real world online threats. At Cloud Comrade, we take a defense and offense approach. Amazon Web Services offers a robust virtualisation layer security that equips every cloud-based instance with defensive security controls. Simultaneously, we proactively manage and monitor your infrastructure for added security.


At Cloud Comrade, we believe that your employees are integral to the migration process and should be in-the-know. We offer the necessary training that will ensure that your staff understand the reason for the migration, and are comfortable with new processes so that they can complete their tasks as seamlessly as possible.


As your cloud computing partner, we become your eyes and ears – offering the best of breed in-depth monitoring of the performance and health of your cloud resources. From applications hosted on the cloud to analysing how your resources are utilised, we will ensure that your infrastructure operates perfectly 24/7.


You can count on us. We offer continued Amazon Web Services support and maintenance once your cloud environment is built and migration completed. As South-east Asia’s leading cloud computing provider with a world-class support team, you can rely on us for routine and emergency support with quick response and resolution times.


We’ll have your back. Once you’re on the cloud, you won’t have to worry about managing backup data, or the risk of human error. You no longer need to juggle back-up tapes or spend time in the server room recovering data. Cloud Comrade will work closely with you to devise a backup schedule to fit the needs of your business. From object backup to archive storage and rapid disaster recovery, we offer you complete confidence in our backup solutions.


You’ll need a strong team that’s highly experienced to face and manage any crisis. By thinking ahead and covering all angles, we will devise a disaster recovery plan for your environment. This is in support with the Amazon Web Services cloud which offers a number of disaster recovery solutions. It is the fast disaster recovery of your IT infrastructure that is critical, to avoid long periods of downtime and catastrophic loss of revenue.


As the experts in Asia and South-east Asia, we pride ourselves in our high levels of support and the speed at which we reach a complete resolution for our clients. We don’t stop at your request – we do a thorough investigation to ensure that your problem are resolved at its source, and do all we can to prevent the problem from occurring in the future.