A Secure Singapore

Integrated Security Organization

About the Customer

Certis Group is a leading advanced integrated security organization that develops and delivers multi-disciplinary security and integrated services. Certis integrates advanced security, technology, facilities management, client service and talent to build and operate bespoke solutions for complex, critical operations that extend beyond security. 

Their integrated outsourcing solutions have enabled the clients to focus on their core business, while we manage their critical business operations.

The Challenge

Certis has plans to expand its business to multi-region. The existing on-prem in the Singapore region have legacy systems that are non scalable, less efficient, non-agile, and less innovative. Hence they leveraged Cloud Comrade’s strong consulting expertise to suggest a cloud computing platform.

Certis experiences lots of operational costs on patching and upgrading. To store the secrets they had to use the manual option that could lead to misplacing the secrets.

Why Amazon Web Services?

Using Cloud Comrade’s Cloud Migration Methodology, the consulting experts from Cloud Comrade studied Certis on-premise systems thoroughly and proposed various solutions for their applications. For example, for their in house applications, the team proposed to refactor and migrate them applications to AWS.

For the Landing Zone, the Cloud Comrade team proposed the NextGen automation with no manual process involved while creating accounts or deploying the resources. For SAP, as it is the backbone application, the Cloud Comrade team proposed high availability(same as for other applications) plus disaster recovery set up.

The future plan for Certis is to expand to multi-region, the cloud comrade proposed to have an aggregated view of their logs and IAM roles for the Operations Head.

Cloud Comrade proposed re-platforming their existing remote desktop service to AWS workspaces for auto-scaling and high availability

For automated patching and upgrading the Cloud Comrade team proposed AWS Systems Manager and Secrets Manager & Amazon Key Management Service for secured storing and rotating of the secrets


After the migration, the performance efficiency of Certis applications has seen a tremendous improvement. Also, the high availability and auto-scaling solution have helped the Certis operations team to manage the user traffic and thus there is increased reliability over AWS Infrastructure.

Now the operations team is able to use the Code Pipeline to spin up the accounts plus resources in one go with segregation of duties. The operations team now has hassle-free automated patching plus they can securely store the keys.

The Project Started on September 2019 and went live in February 2020