Multi Inti Sarana Group

MIS meets the stringent security and compliance requirements

Google Cloud Results

  • MIS choose faster routes to workers based on real-time traffic conditions and improves customer experiences
  • Google Cloud meets the stringent security and compliance requirements
  • Stores its network-intelligence data indefinitely

About MIS

Multi-Inti Sarana Group (MIS Group) is a group established in 1997. Multi Inti Sarana (MIS) Group moves and adapts to developments in the digital age. To manage and develop digital products and services that prioritize the application of the latest information technology, Multi Inti Sarana (MIS) Group established Multi Inti Digital Business (MIDB).

Through innovation in digital business, Multi Inti Digital Bisnis (MIDB) will strengthen the existence of Multi Inti Sarana (MIS) Group in Indonesia.


The organization was looking for a professional service and managed services provider with a comprehensive Google Cloud Platform (GCP) experience to migrate their infrastructure from the private cloud to Google Cloud. The key objective is to host the application in a cloud environment and maintain the infrastructure to ensure the platform’s availability, performance, and functionality. Each workload including virtual network systems such as virtual network devices running on virtual machines, SSL VPNs, RADIUS systems, application VMs, and database VMs must be migrated to GCP with best approaches.


Cloud Comrade team of GCP certified solution architects approached the organisation and conducted an exhaustive study of the existing Fmigratinfrastructure and defined the migration approaches for each workload, procedures, and operational responsibilities for delivering the precise infrastructure and 24x7x365 managed services for the system. Retain, Rehost and Replace migrated approaches was selected as the methodology to migrate existing infrastructure to Google Cloud. 

Retain migration was selected for virtual network VMs and virtual network appliances which cannot be moved to Google Cloud and this could be later replaced by native GCP services. Rehost or known as “lift and shift” approach was selected to migrate application VMs and database VMs both for production landscape and development landscape. Replace was selected for virtual network appliances, by configuring GCP networking services such as Cloud load balancing, Cloud VPN, and VPC firewall rules. 

Inherent in the design is a strong emphasis on security as demonstrated by a multi-layered security approach incorporating premier security services/tools from both Google Cloud and other third-party vendors. 

Create efficient routes to lower costs and improve customer experiences

MIS was running multiple workloads hosted in a private cloud, such as ERP systems used by its group, logistics systems and transportation systems relying on Google Maps API. Cloud Comrade brought the real world with customized Google maps to MIS users in order to find the best route with comprehensive data and real-time traffic and Street View imagery. 

As the MIS business group engaged in premium transportation, they could now choose faster routes or reallocate deliveries to workers based on real-time traffic conditions. They use predictive traffic models to plan ahead, keeping their workers out of slowdowns and decreasing late deliveries.

“Google Cloud has met the stringent security and compliance requirements at a minimum cost when compared to hosting the infrastructure in the private cloud,” says Yani Esbe, CIO of MIS 

Stores their network-intelligence data indefinitely 

MIS’s concern was to migrate their workloads and secure their data on a safe platform. Cloud Comrade used Chronicle Backstory, the google tool to help the organisation quickly investigate incidents, pinpoint vulnerabilities and hunt for potential threats.

Chronicle Backstory handles petabytes of data, automatically thus by boosting the organisation’s productivity with strategic automation and helping them focus on the bigger picture. 

MIS meets the stringent security and compliance requirements

MIS ensures its platform’s availability, performance, and functionality using Google’s services and tools through Cloud Comrade. The availability of all the workloads improved tremendously with its distribution across multiple GCP zones. The customer was able to meet the stringent security and compliance requirements at a minimum cost when compared to hosting the infrastructure in the private cloud with the multi-layered security approach. 

The Project Started on June 2019 and went live in September 2019