KBZ: Control Tower for Core Banking

Customer Profile
Kanbawza Bank (KBZ Bank) is a private commercial bank in Myanmar. The bank was established on 1 July 1994 in Taunggyi, Shan State. KBZ Bank shares the same brand as a number of companies in Myanmar but is separate and independent of those companies. Kanbawza Group is a brand founded by Aung Ko Win to share the KBZ name across industries.

They are the largest privately owned bank in Myanmar and the first to have expanded internationally, with representative offices in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. With over 480 branches nationwide and 40% market share of both retail and commercial banking, KBZ is leading
the way for Myanmar’s rapidly developing financial services industry through an approach that understands the unique context of the country’s economy as it transitions towards a digital future.

As Myanmar’s economy expands and opens up, KBZ sees an exciting opportunity to work with further international investors, providing a critical bridge to Myanmar’s fast-growing cities, entrepreneurs and local communities.

The Challenge
KBZ Bank was looking for an AWS partner to support KBZ Bank Temenos and Flexcube project implementation. As the top cloud provider, AWS offered KBZ Bank a platform that suited the requirements and can scale to serve the company growth in the future. Cloud Comrade’s role in this
project is to provision the cloud infrastructure for the Temenos and Flexcube applications based on the solution architecture provided by the system integrator.

The team was looking at several desired outcomes which included but not limited to Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA), Landing Zone Deployment Phase, Temenos Production Infrastructure and hand over to Temenos SI, Flexcube DEV Infrastructure, Flexcube SIT Infrastructure, Flexcube Go-Live and Managed Services hand over etc.

A technical challenge was faced during Landing Zone Implementation, as KBZ Bank Team was already using AWS with leveraging Multi Account Structure. Cloud Comrade needed to account for AWS Account Migration and carry out tests to ensure that there was no application impact during
AWS Account Migration before implementing AWS Landing Zone with Control Tower.

Why Amazon Web Services
KBZ Bank was certain that cloud technologies was the way forward for their business but they needed the assistance to select the right provider. The business decided to engage Amazon Partner Network (APN) consulting partner Cloud Comrade.

KBZ Bank was seeking guidance on how to set up their AWS environment and accounts for optimal results. Cloud Comrade implements AWS Landing Zone with Control Tower to make use of a unified set of recommendations termed the multi-account strategy from AWS, to help KBZ Bank make the
best use of KBZ Bank’s AWS resources.

Essentially, AWS Control Tower acts as an orchestration layer that works with other AWS services, which assisted KBZ Bank with implementing the AWS multi-account recommendations for AWS accounts and AWS organizations based on AWS best practices. The solution also included the
Temenos and Flexcube Infrastructure is 3 tier architecture that was built with a multi-account strategy that has been deployed with the AWS Control Tower.

The Benefits
Having found an AWS partner to support KBZ Bank Temenos and Flexcube project implementation gave KBZ Bank the agility and advantage over its competitors, which was not possible previously. Through the partnership with Cloud Comrade, KBZ Bank gained operational excellence, heightened
security, increased reliability and performance efficiency as well as to optimize their costs through Managed Services offering.

With the deployment of Flexcube and Temenos on AWS, KBZ Bank was able to improve the support development and run workloads effectively, gain insight into their operation, and continuously improve supporting processes and procedures to deliver business value. The availability of the
application improved tremendously with the distribution of the workload across multiple AWS availability zones (AZ). KBZ Bank was also able to optimize the cost by scaling Temenos and Flexcube workload according to resources Utilization by leveraging auto-scaling features.

KBZ Bank is now ahead of their competition and are in the optimal position to grow and scale their business alongside AWS deployed by Cloud Comrade by providing the best in class service and support in their journey.