Integrated Energy Producer in Indonesia

PT Adaro Energy Tbk    

Google Cloud Results :
  • Leads to better performance, agile capacity and faster delivery for reducing costs
  • Provides a better experience and consumes less time and money
  • Introduces a healthy dose of simplification to management and administration of IT landscape 

Adaro Energy is a vertically integrated energy producer in Indonesia with businesses in the coal, energy, utilities and supporting infrastructure sectors. Adaro Energy deploys an integrated business model comprising eight pillars: Adaro Mining, Adaro Services, Adaro Logistics, Adaro Power, Adaro Land, Adaro Water, Adaro Capital and Adaro Foundation. Adaro Energy’s main location is in South Kalimantan, where Envirocoal, low-pollutant thermal coal, is mined. 

Adaro Energy also has metallurgical coal assets across the spectrum from semi-soft coking coal to premium-hard coking coal in Indonesia and Australia. While coal remains in the DNA of the company, Adaro Energy continues to develop the non-coal mining businesses to provide a more stable earnings base and offset the volatility of the coal sector.

Staying ahead of the digitalization curve

The implementation of ERP has become one of the Company’s strategies to support the business integration process and efficient governance for cost reduction, production efficiency and target achievement, it also supports standardization of leading practices. The plan for implementing ERP system was realized with the decision to migrate to 1Adaro ERP. 1Adaro is a single, centralized and standardized ERP solution across the strategic value chain of Adaro Energi Group. 

This migration was marked by the Implementation of SAP S / 4HANA for Adaro’s Business unit such as Sapta Indra Sejati and Adaro Metcoal. Along with the rapid development of Information Communication Technology, Adaro Group continues to improve and optimize IT facilities and infrastructure to support the smooth operations and business growth, as well as for compliance with regulations that have been agreed and established by the company itself, and/or the Government.

Adaro was looking to minimize and eliminate extraneous on-premises infrastructure used for the sporadic, non-production system such as development, quality assurance, testing and training. They want to stay ahead of the digitalization curve and make decisions that are ready for the future. While Adaro is considering migrating SAP workloads from on-premises to cloud, they also want to increase platform availability, performance and functionality. Adaro needs to ensure that security measures are in place and comply with regulatory requirements.

Delivering Innovative Solutions with SAP S/4 HANA 

Cloud Comrade assisted Adaro in the migration process with the right solution for deployment. As a Premier Partner of Google Cloud Platform with significant experiences and knowledge in GCP migrations, Cloud Comrade offered assurance to migrate the infrastructure from on-premise to the cloud with zero downtime and minimal cost. Adaro implemented SAP S/4 HANA, an intelligent ERP solution which uses the complete power of the SAP HANA in-memory database running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 operating system. It has allowed the organization to work seamlessly in a digital economy.

“Migrating SAP workloads to Google Cloud enables Adaro to deliver innovative solutions and widen the capabilities offered by SAP S/4 HANA” Eka Suharto, Head of IT at Adaro Energy Group

Enhanced Security features to ensure appropriate access 

Cloud Identity & Access Management helps Adaro to control the access of all its cloud resources. IT managers are able to control user access to critical information within their organization with Identity and access management framework in place. It has enabled them to work from 

“Adaro Energy Group needs to review, select and implement the latest security measures to protect the interests and needs of stakeholders. Along with the increasing threat of cybercrime, the security of assets is in the form of existing data and information. ” Eka Suharto, Head of IT at Adaro Energy Group.

Adaro also used GCP services to build the required infrastructure for the customer’s SAP deployment. To deliver virtual machines running in Google’s innovative data centers and worldwide fiber network, Google Compute Engine was used. To provide durable,  high-performance block storage and unified object storage for the Google Cloud Platform, Google Persistent Disk and Google Cloud Storage are used.  

To enhance network performance, Google Cloud Virtual Private Network has been used to provide a comprehensive set of Google-managed networking capabilities. To attain 100 per cent availability and low latency, Google Cloud DNS has been used. 

Gains clear visibility into their entire environment

Adaro benefits from the simplicity of having a single source of truth information across the entire organisation. It has gained clear visibility into their entire environment, from the infrastructure up through the application. Now, with the transformation in place, Management can identify potential issues and optimize performance.  

Cloud Comrade with 24/7 cloud managed services, ensures the organization data is safe and secure across all cloud services and applications. As a cloud-managed service provider, Cloud Comrade manages and protects Adaro’s cloud environment while they can focus on growing their business.

Also, by adopting Cloud Identity & Access Management solutions provide a clean and consistent access control interface to Adaro thus adding the extra layers of security to their applications.  

Cloud Comrade’s certified GCP solution architects worked with Google Cloud to understand the best practices and delivered the right solutions that could address Adaro’s challenges. The Google team was with Cloud Comrade at every step for a seamless implementation process and to run the applications efficiently and effectively.