Running a Leading Insurance Business on Cloud

ERGO Insurance  

About ERGO Insurance

ERGO Insurance Pte Ltd is a wholly Singapore subsidiary of the ERGO Group AG one of the major insurance groups in Germany and Europe. Founded in 1997, they are the primary insurance arm of the Munich Re, one of the leading reinsurers and risk carriers worldwide. The ERGO Insurance Pte Ltd is a registered general insurer regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

The vision of ERGO insurance is to be a leader in the Singapore market by offering innovative insurance solutions to their intermediaries and mutual customers. They offer a comprehensive range of personal insurance products from the private motor to travel and personal accident; and commercial insurance coverage for commercial motor, work injury compensation, bonds, engineering, property, health, corporate personal accident and corporate travel.

The Challenge

As we all know, the insurance industry is a paper-intensive industry. Since its inception, it has been heavily relying on the usage of paper to collect and maintain all the required user information. While we look at the vision for ERGO insurance, we can see that they have a clear requirement of using a Document Management System to optimize their data management as they scale up their operations.

We have all come across the quote “Data is the New Oxygen” and this holds true for an industry that maintains a lot of data for their operations. Keeping this in mind, it is important that ERGO Insurance implements a Document Management System that can be scaled up along with their operations. ERGO insurance realized that such important systems should also have a network design and architecture that is highly-available, secure and reliable with encryption done in the transit and at rest.

Why Amazon Web Services?

ERGO insurance was convinced that cloud technologies are the way forward, but they needed assistance to select the right provider. The business decided to engage Amazon Partner Network (APN) consulting partner Cloud Comrade.

Cloud Comrade advised that Amazon Web Services was the way forward for all their infrastructure needs. Together with AWS Solution Architects, an exhaustive study was conducted on the requirements to implement the Document Management System on AWS. The solution also included AWS Security best practice by combining secure network architecture and 3rd party tools such as Trend Micro Deep Security. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) was used to deploy securely the DMS storage at a minimal cost. The Encryption in transit and at rest was achieved using Amazon Key Management Service (KSM) and Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) with Amazon Certificate Management (ACM).

Cloud Comrade was part of this transformation from the beginning till the end with a customer requesting for the comprehensive management service. This service includes 24*7 proactive infrastructure monitoring and service desk support for the management of the application, database, security, and administrative tasks. The onboarding process was made seamless and easy by Cloud Comrade’s managed services team with custom reports for actionable insights.


Using Document Management System on AWS gave ERGO the agility and the advantage over its competitors, that was not possible in the previous infrastructure. The new infrastructure reduced the costs while maintaining high performance, availability levels and elasticity as the business grows. ERGO insurance with AWS now can scale the storage easily to meet their demands from their user.

Using AWS also enabled ERGO Insurance to have zero downtime as they moved their DMS to AWS cloud coupled with proactive monitoring of infrastructure. ERGO insurance is now at the position to grow their business in the Singapore market with AWS deployed by Cloud Comrade by providing the best in class service and support in this journey.