Heartbeats of Healthcare

Phase 1 Milo Project

About HealthBeats

Healthbeats is a Remote Vitals Monitoring product that connects participants to their health providers through the use of a simple-to-use monitoring platform and regulatory approved devices. They build their product based on the belief by regular monitoring outside of healthcare settings which will only lead to better results. This multi-tenant system enables centralized management/oversight with flexible customizations that can be set-up easily by healthcare providers. The solution will enable healthcare providers the ability to monitor the condition of their patients and provide good quality care remotely.

The Challenge

Healthbeats was seeking to migrate their systems that are Milo and Corporate Systems to a cloud platform to support the on-going operations in different regions – Australia, the US, and Singapore. The key objective of the project is to migrate the Corporate applications in a cloud hosting environment across Australia, the US, and Singapore to ensure the platform’s high availability, performance, functionality, reliability, and scalability.

Healthbeats was facing managing the user traffic in their mobile and web applications (the applications were divided into provider, patient and admin services). 

Why Amazon Web Services?

As the business was growing Healthbeats wanted to balance their user traffic and also to streamline their reporting servers. In migration to the AWS cloud, Healthbeats was looking to reduce administrative overhead to manage their mobile and web applications. Healthbeats existing XMPP and NodeJS are not in high Availability and the push notification traffic was not scalable. 

Healthbeats leveraged Cloud Comrade’s strong expertise in the consulting arena for a solution. Cloud Comrade proposed AWS as the DNS servers were replaced by Route53, the Key Management Service was used for encryption. The Guard Duty was used for threat detection along with the activation of Shield for the DDoS attacks. 

The AWS Load Balancer was used to balance the user traffic. By activating the Auto Scaling group helped to balance the traffic load to their web and mobile applications.


The deployed infrastructure supported Healthbeats with the multilayered process. The process basically reduced the operational risk by lowering the cost and thus increased the performance efficiency to achieve Healthbeats desired results.  Moving to AWS Infrastructure helped Healthbeats to address their concerns. Post Migration,  Healthbeats was able to reduce administrative overhead to manage their mobile and web applications. The Cloud Comrade team helped to optimize the cost by resizing their instances post go live. The Phase 1 Milo Project turned out to be successful that led to the Phase 2 Project.

The Project started on May 2018  and the infrastructure went live on August 2018