Google Cloud MSP

Maintaining safe operations through cutting-edge cloud-based technologies

The Google Cloud MSP offers a catalog of project-based and managed services that help customers reduce their costs and time to market.

Cloud Comrade has a dedicated Google Cloud professional services and managed services practice to ensure that businesses have control over their infrastructure with reduced cost and time.

As a premier partner of Google, our certified GCP experts are skilled at cloud infrastructure and provide the best in class managed services delivering value to customers through advisory and implementation. We will give you the attention you deserve and the reliable service that will help you accomplish your tasks unhindered.   

How Cloud Comrade can help? 

Cost reduction for your IT needs: We monitor, maintain and safeguard your infrastructure to reduce the likelihood of failures that can cost you time and money.

24/7 High-level support: We provide end-to-end support and manage your infrastructure through value-added services such as 24/7 Managed Services support, security, application monitoring, backup and disaster recovery solutions with Cloud Comrade managed services and our certified GCP experts. 

Minimized downtime and significant productivity increases: With advanced network security and the proactive approach by Cloud Comrade, you won’t have to deal with the system failures and shutdowns that can hinder company progress.