Global DataBank Group Inc

The trusted privacy service platform

About the Customer

Global DataBank Group Inc (GDBG) has emerged to address the grey areas of internet data exploitation, privacy and data protection rights. They have developed the world’s first trusted privacy service platform with a three-layer data protection system to give businesses and individuals the best and most comprehensive privacy and data protection solution. The platform is configurable to support GreyApp for individuals and bespoke private label solutions for business.

To further meet the rising need for internet security and data protection, they are focused on the development of a unique vulnerability exploit exchange service and digital identity and asset trust management solution for businesses.


In migration to the cloud, the client was looking to reduce the number of components they are working with, taking advantage of AWS Infrastructure.  GDBG had a hard deadline for all their VMs should be migrated to AWS, and their infrastructure must be removed from their on-premises data center. Hence they consulted Cloud Comrade experts to provide a suitable cloud platform that is flexible. GDBG offers a number of services (Chat, Files + Notes + Calendars, Notifications, email, VOIP) that are composed within their app(s).  Each of the named services consists of a number of servers, with the interaction between the services required. GDBG also maintains a number of Websites that will require migration, as well as currently non-running VMs.

Why Amazon Web Services?

Cloud Comrade proposed AWS Cloud Platform for its  simple, primitive services that are robust and scalable

In the proposed solution, the chat service utilizes Ejabberd for IMs, and LDAP for authentication. All chat messages are stored within the MySQL Chat Database. The  Chat Database will be migrated from 7 servers down to 2 RDS instances (one master, one slave). The Files, Notes, and Calendar service was rearchitected to use S3 instead of a GlusterFS cluster. This service also provides users with the ability to store their Notes and Calendar appointments within the Cassandra Cluster. Notification Service (comprising Uniqush, RedisDB, pushGit, Baidu) all the servers utilize a NAT Gateway to access the internet for its push notifications. The Uniqush server, which is backed by a Redis database for storing Android and Apple device IDs. Uniqush publishes to internationally to all countries except for China


GDBG chat service team has the ability to have one to one and group chats. The traffic was well balanced on the fly. Files, Notes, Calendar Service provide users with the ability to upload and retrieve their Files into S3 for long-term and secure storage. The Notification Service provides push notifications, including both phone and chats notifications, to both Apple and Android devices. The Email Service is currently hosting all of GDBGs internal Emails. It, at a future date, will also host user emails.

The Project started on October 2017 and the infrastructure went live on January 2018