First FinTech in the Maldives to move to Google Cloud

Maldives Pension Administration Office 

Google Cloud Results: 

  • Transforms its operations through the modernization journey 
  • Simplifies and Accelerates their business by adopting new technologies such as cloud-native applications
  • Analyses pension-related data in real-time and bring down its costs

About MPAO 

Maldives Pension Administration Office, which came into existence, under the Maldives Pension Act (Pension Act) which was ratified on 13th May 2009, as an independent legal entity. Pension Office plays a pivotal role in the development of the social security system in the country. Over the past two years, the initial focus of the Pension Office has been to establish pension schemes and introduce it to the public by creating awareness to gain greater public acceptance for the new pension system.

The department oversees the management of retirement pension schemes for around 130,000 employees in the Republic of Maldives, in addition to roughly 1650 employers.

Business Challenge

MPAO was running an in-house data centre which was not easy with the government agency. They were lacking the internal expertise and resources needed to maintain the hardware infrastructure. MPAO decided to migrate to the cloud with Cloud Comrade, a specialist consulting and services partner. Cloud Comrade then joined forces with the agency to develop a specific architecture and replicate virtualized servers in the cloud in 2016. 

After successful migration in 2016, MPAO wanted to start their phase 2 migration and also modernize existing applications to cloud-native applications by looking at the advantages of new GCP solutions together with Cloud Comrade in 2019.

While migrating to the cloud, MPAO wanted to develop a data-driven cloud strategy and improved security in its new applications to defend them against fraudulent activities. 

Embracing change to drive growth and innovation

Cloud Comrade’s team has in-depth experience in modernizing numerous legacy systems for clients of all sizes and industries as well as deep technical and domain expertise. MPAO due to these reasons engaged Cloud Comrade and decided to migrate to google cloud by transforming their existing applications to cloud-native applications achieving business agility in the modern era. This solution has simplified and accelerated the modernization journey, unleashing efficiency, agility, and competitive advantage to all its employees. 

To deploy cloud-native applications on a robust architecture and a managed environment for deploying, managing, and scaling the applications, Kubernetes was used. This has enabled MPAO to scale resources and applications in real-time and to bring down its costs. 

Custom-Built Applications and enhanced security for MPAO

The Organization wanted to run their day to day administration applications seamlessly and Cloud Comrade advised MPAO to use ready-made software solutions to help automate certain tasks. Custom-built applications are tailored to accommodate the needs of MPAO’s employees and have reduced excess software bloat.

“The cloud-native applications of GCP has simplified and accelerated our day-to-day operations and services,” says Ahmed Shafeez, Director of Operations and IT at MPAO

These applications are highly secured that their employees can recognise the signs of an external threat much sooner. To enhance security, MPAO had adopted reCAPTCHA Enterprise which is designed specifically for security concerns to keep the bad actors out of their websites. This acts a proven technology to protect the sites of MPAO.

Delivers a scalable and reliable database solution

The Financial Industry considers the whole migration journey to be obstacles removing, keeping costs low, and having more control and velocity around creating the right products, propositions and experiences for their customers. MPAO believed in taking advantage of new technologies and to deliver a scalable and reliable database solution. The organization provides higher quality data protection to the application users for handling sensitive information thanks to solutions such as reCAPTCHA.

MPAO has seen the benefits of embracing cloud technologies with phase 2 also be a success. It is only a matter of time that MPAO would want to optimize their entire business model with new projects on the cloud.