Detrack Systems: AWS Managed Services

Customer Overview

Singapore-based start up Detrack Systems is a real-time vehicle tracking and electronic proof of delivery (E-POD) solution provider with presence in over 50 countries including Australia and USA. It enables a seamless user experience for consumers, backend operation teams, and delivery drivers by simplifying last-mile deliveries through its mobile app. To date, the company has completed more than 55 million deliveries on its platform and has captured over 180 million E-PODs.


Detrack’s new monthly sign-ups surged over 100% in 2020, and continued to accelerate as more companies switched to e-commerce due to the pandemic. Many clients also saw a rise in demand for last-mile deliveries. Hence, Detrack needed a stable, secure platform that could scale fast to address sudden peaks in customer demand. With its previous observability system, its operations team had to be on standby 24/7 to resolve issues manually, and there was no visibility into potential security gaps. 


Detrack was the first company to leverage partner-led Amazon Web Services Managed Services (AMS) in Singapore. Working with Trend Micro Deep Security and Okta, Cloud Comrade built a strategic growth platform on AWS cloud to help Detrack address their business issues amid the pandemic and scale their business more than 100%. Common infrastructure activities such as monitoring, patch management, and deployment of containerized services were automated, while backend processes were migrated to AWS Fargate, eliminating the need to manage servers or clusters.


AMS’ built-in security includes 24/7 threat detection service and automated patching, which is crucial given the volume and sensitivity of the data that Detrack manages. With AMS, it easily met compliance program requirements, including the ISO27001 audit. Supported by AMS, Detrack expanded amid the pandemic and helped its customers achieve business continuity with its reliable contactless last mile delivery solution while staying safe.

Detrack increased its efficiency and scaled its business by over 100%, redirecting their resources toward feature development to serve customers better. During Covid-19, a new contactless delivery feature was developed in just a week. Sales cycle was also shortened thanks to its security and compliance features that enabled Detrack to easily meet compliance requirements.

Additional Notes

Partner-led AMS offered through Cloud Comrade provides full-lifecycle services to provision, run, and support Detrack’s infrastructure – with a secure environment, business as usual support, and access to L1 SRT for maintenance, support and advisory. Quarterly business reviews were conducted to identify opportunities for optimisation. Previously, Detrack didn’t have visibility into missing critical patches as patching was done manually, and was unfamiliar with how to ensure their IT environment was compliant. Detrack saved hundreds of hours a month across a dozen IT engineers, enabling them to focus on and speed up the development of new features. During the pandemic, Detrack developed a new contactless delivery feature that captures parcel recipients’ signatures remotely as an E-POD in just a week. Detrack also developed Detrack Connect, a middleware that connects ecommerce platforms directly to customers’ accounts for full automation of order delivery tracking and fulfillment.