Cloud computing is becoming more widely utilised in both domestic and business environments. There are many services now that offer cloud storage as standard in their products, and many businesses are choosing to migrate to the cloud and outsource their infrastructure.

Many businesses in Southeast Asia and Singapore are moving across to a cloud hosting solution which makes use of Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

So why should you migrate your infrastructure to the cloud? What are the benefits of outsourcing to an external supplier?

Cost savings

The immediate cost benefit of migrating to the cloud is the savings you will gain on hardware. Whereas before you would need to invest heavily in hardware to handle your data needs or just keep the current infrastructure running, by migrating to the cloud you are simply paying to use someone else’s equipment. This enables a quick and more cost-effective means to grow your data storage needs.

The initial investment is minimal compared with investing in an in-house server, which often requires a lot of money spent on maintenance.


The infrastructure you rely on is off-premises. Although this means putting your faith in another entity to ensure your data is kept safe, it means that you have eliminated a single point of failure in the equipment. All cloud providers have built-in redundancies and backups.


Cloud hosting is more often much quicker than an in-house solution, providing information on demand in a very short time. In addition, as it’s not location specific, the data can be accessed from anywhere. This opens up a lot more options for collaboration between multiple employees or cross-organisation project work.


With cloud storage, you can increase your data storage on demand as your business grows or your data needs increase. Unlike the traditional model where you need to invest and deploy hardware to increase storage capacity, you can very quickly expand your storage needs with a cloud hosting solution. This is also true for downsizing, and in either case is far more cost effective than investing in equipment.

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