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Crayonte Pte Ltd

About Crayonte 

Crayonte is an Information Technology start-up company that specializes in digital transformation. Crayonte services include Managed Services, Information Technology consulting, professional services, enterprise software implementations, and application developments. Crayonte started the endeavor in the year 2016 with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and India. Crayonte has calendar plans to open offices in the Philippines, Middle East, United States, and Europe.

Crayonte’s professional services team has an average of 15 years of Enterprise Applications Consulting expertise. Every one of their consultants has the credit of having delivered a minimum of 30 projects. 

The Challenge

Crayonte was seeking a solution to set up an infrastructure for Christian Pharmacist Fellowship International (CPFI) in the pharmaceutical industry. CPFI’s objective was to host their applications in a cloud environment that can be scaled up and down on the fly. Also, to maintain the infrastructure to ensure the platform’s availability, performance, functionality, and highly secured environment. A solution that presents significant opportunities for CPFI to shorten their time to market, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs. 

CPFI wanted to migrate their applications, and, in the future, they had plans for the centralized operations team 

Why Amazon Web Services?

CPFI wanted to enhance their computing resource scalability, speed up their application deployment with enhanced data security and business continuity. CPFI leveraged Cloud Comrade’s strong expertise in the consulting arena for a solution. Cloud Comrade proposed AWS as it not only scales up and down or secured but AWS is strong with reducing the infrastructure complexity, costing, built-in status monitoring, automated backup, and centralized logging. AWS services are flexible and are a good deal for the client to collaborate with.

The AWS infrastructure had been restricted to the public using NAT Gateway and the inbound traffic monitored and restricted by WAF. CPFI requirement to uniformly distribute the incoming traffic to the respective EC2 instances on high availability was addressed by AWS Elastic Load Balancer. The requirement to monitor the VM’s and RDS was addressed using the CloudWatch metrics. 

As a cloud-managed service provider, we also ensure the organization data is safe and secure across all cloud services and applications.  Cloud comrade with its team recommended the advantages of deploying managed services as their backend operations. The management was convinced about the seamless services it could deliver to its customers.

We deployed Infrastructure Managed services such as  Support Coverage Hours: 24×7 for Production and 9×5 for the Staging environment, Security Managed Services (Security Audit & Compliance), Security Workload Protection (Intrusion Detection & Prevention and Anti Malware), Workload Performance Recommendation, Cost Optimization Recommendation, Service Continuity Management, Administrative and Managed Billing Services for CPFI. As part of the phase 2 project, the cold DR platform was architected for protection against physical disasters.


Moving to AWS Infrastructure helped CPFI to address their concerns. Post Go-Live, Cloud Comrade was proactive in monitoring the CPFI’s infrastructure. Cloud Comrade’s automation process abetted CPFI with a hassle-free onboarding process. CPFI has been relieved from their manual patching and Infra report generation because of the specialized Cloud Comrade Managed Service team.

The Project started in June 2019 and the infrastructure went live in August 2019