Below are the links of success stories of our Cloud Comrade customers and their experiences with us.   

ERGO Insurance Pte Ltd is a wholly Singapore subsidiary of the ERGO Group AG one of the major insurance groups in Germany and Europe. Founded in 1997, they are the primary insurance arm of the Munich Re, one of the leading reinsurers and risk carriers worldwide. The ERGO Insurance Pte Ltd is a registered general insurer regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Customer case study.

Deloitte is a multinational professional services firm and is one of the “Big Four” accounting organizations and driven to be the best professional services network in the world by revenue. Founded in 1845, to deliver operational excellence, new products and services, competitive agility, and growth by helping to maximize the potential value of analytics and information.- Customer case study.

Sinimed is an innovative and agile organization providing advanced IT solutions to its customers in the field of tracking and traceability. It is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries consuming over 10 per cent of gross domestic product( GDP) of most developed nations, health care forms an enormous part of a country's economy. - Customer case study.

Founded in 2007, Whitebox Retail Logistics provides logistics services to retail distribution and e-commerce business in Singapore. Whitebox primarily markets these services to small and medium business including clothing and furnishing retailers and has optimized its fulfilment model and processes accordingly. Customer case study.

BABA is Malaysia’s leading manufacturer of curry mixes and spice powders, capturing in excess of 60% of the Malaysian market. Recent studies have shown that at least one in the three main meals consumed by Malaysian, daily-contain at least one product from the BABA’S range. Established in 1977, it supplies over 30 products ranging from Masala mixes, pure spice powders, pure, food mixes, snacks and sweet mixes. -Customer case study.

Founded in 2003, Blue Ocean Systems provides SAP Business One business management software to small and midsize companies. The business has 15 years' experience in SAP implementation and delivers services ranging from business process reviews to post-implementation technology support and continuing support. Customer case study

Business and government organizations rely heavily on software to automate key functions such as customer relationship management, procurement, inventory management, and accounting. However, purchasing and installing the servers, storage, and networking systems to run these systems in-house can be expensive, time-consuming, and can divert workers from core business activities. Customer case study.

NTU is the second largest university in Singapore with a population of 33,500 students and 10,000 faculty and staff. It is a global university founded on science and technology, nurturing leaders through research and broad education in diverse disciplines. Established in 1991, it’s Singapore’s main teaching college and is run close collaboration with Singapore’s Ministry of Education. Customer case study.

The Maldives Pension Administration Office (MPAO) manages the retirement pension schemes for about 130,000 employees and 1,650 employers in the Republic of Maldives, a South Asian Island country in the Indian Ocean. The agency had been using a virtualisation product installed on four hosts and running 18 servers, a storage area network, and rewalls to store and secure its data.  Customer Case Study

Healthbeats is a Remote Vitals Monitoring product that connects participants to their health providers through the use of a simple-to-use monitoring platform and regulatory approved devices. HealthBeats Pte Ltd was set up in August 2018 and the company currently has 6 employees operating a business within the healthcare sector. Customer Case Study

SAFRA National Service Association is an organisation that was formed as a social and recreational club for National Servicemen from the Singapore Armed Forces. It was originally formed in 1972 as the "Singapore Armed Forces Reservist Association. They are the go-to destination for all social, recreational, sports and educational facilities for NSmen and their families. Customer Case Study

Aisa Digital Pte Ltd is a technology venture company incorporated in Singapore. AISA assists companies to actualise digital transformation and capitalise on digital economies. AISA powers e-commerce and digital businesses with artificial intelligence capabilities and world-class solutions. They believe in a digital transformation strategy, as it aims to create the capabilities of fully leveraging the possibilities and opportunities of new technologies  Customer Case Study

Summarecon was founded in 1975 and it is one of the leading property players in Indonesia, especially in the development of townships.The organization believes that in today's world, 80% of real estate top performers deliver their services using cloud technologies.In a way, Summarecon was seeking a solution to deploy cloud infrastructure to remove the need to maintain in-house hardware and the staff to support it Customer Case Study

The Rhenus Group is a leading logistics service provider with global business operations and provides solutions for a wide variety of different sectors along the complete supply chain. Cloud Comrade was approached by the Asia IT Director of Rhenus Logistics as the customer was looking to move off the existing on-premise infrastructure whilst also wanting to leverage Google’s proprietary fiber network Customer Case Study

Firth Investment is an independent, Singapore based Asian equity boutique founded in 2007 by Richard Firth. Firth has established track records in both Asia ex-Japan small-cap investing and in systematic investment in Asia ex-Japan stocks. They offer bespoke quantitative design services on an advisory basis.Customer Case Study

Founded in 2012, Dropsuite is a respected,publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange. Dropsuite was in the look out for an alternative cloud service provider who could increase and improve its network performance, save costs in storage and compute operations and speed up development cycle time. Customer Case Study

Adaro is an integrated coal mining and energy company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The organisation wanted to deploy a cloud infrastructure to support SAP workloads. The key objective was to host the applicatipn in a cloud hosting environment and maintain the infrastucture to ensure the platform's availability, performance and functionality.  Customer Case Study

En Community Services Society(ECSS) is a non-profit organisation with a vision of “Every Home A Happy Home” and a mission To Touch and Train Individuals to Transform Families.ECSS was looking to migrate from their previous Web Hosting provider which hosted their old website and web host IMAP email.The website before the migration to G Suite was hosted via online website creator, due to the simplicity of drag and drop modules for their corporate branding. Customer Case Study