Good business sense means keeping costs down and increasing productivity so the company is more profitable. Companies struggle with this simple but vital formula all the time – but one sure-fire way of doing it is with cloud computing.

Migrating your on-site infrastructure and systems to the cloud saves a whole host of costly resources, while dramatically increasing the efficiency of operations. Due to the large economy of scale in running enormous numbers of server banks in data centres, costs for clients are driven down right across the board.

Take staff, for instance. Having your own in-house network means hiring expensive IT personnel to operate it; their salaries are high, along with benefits and incentives. Operating in the cloud means you don’t need your own information technology personnel because it’s all handled by IT staff at the cloud centre.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of not having to deal with the time-consuming issue of recruitment to find the right IT people, and if they suddenly leave you could be left high and dry and having to recruit all over again.

Many small and medium-sized companies around the world, from the United States to Europe and South-East Asia and beyond, are turning to enterprise cloud services such as those provided by Amazon Web Services, a leader in the field and hosting many firms’ online operations, because of far lower power costs, which can be a big issue as the bills roll in.

With cloud computing, servers, or parts of them, are optimised to run only when needed and maximised to provide the best computing ratio per server. They are therefore vastly more power-efficient than servers running firms’ in-house operations that are always on and frequently idling and needlessly gobbling up electricity. In addition to that, many good data centres guarantee high levels of uptime, due to several layers of power supply in case the main one goes out.

Other money-saving features of transitioning to the cloud include guarantees of security as the server banks are often housed in extremely secure locations, as well as excellent disaster management plans and updates of software and hardware.

It makes financial sense to leap into the cloud.

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