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Starting today, you can monitor the capacity and performance metrics of your Spot fleets via CloudWatch. You can view metrics such as total desired, fulfilled and currently launching capacity of a fleet, in addition to monitoring aggregated EC2 instance metrics such as CPU utilization, disk reads and writes, and network traffic for a given fleet. These metrics enable you to get visibility into the usage and performance of your Spot fleets, and to dynamically scale in response to application load.

You can now more easily set up or select your Identity and Access Management (IAM) role when connecting to an Amazon Redshift cluster from the Amazon Machine Learning (Amazon ML) console. To streamline the process of setting up your connection to Amazon Redshift, Amazon ML now pre-populates an interactive drop-down menu of existing IAM roles that have an Amazon ML managed policy for Amazon Redshift, and other IAM roles that you might prefer. From the Amazon ML console, you have the option of dynamically creating a new IAM role, enabling you to quickly connect to your Amazon Redshift cluster. 

AWS Marketplace, which lists over 2,500 popular software products for sale by over 850 independent software vendors, has announced support for purchasing software products along new pricing dimensions. Until now, customers could only purchase software by the hour, the month or the year. Now, customers can purchase software from select AWS Marketplace vendors that is priced by the users created or provisioned, the hosts monitored or deployed, or the data processed or stored. This is a new level of flexibility for customers and software sellers, and is expected to further increase customer choice by enabling new products to be listed in the AWS Marketplace.

Amazon VPC Endpoints for S3 is now available in South America (Sao Paulo) and Asia Pacific (Seoul) Regions. Amazon VPC endpoints are easy to configure and provide reliable connectivity to Amazon S3 without requiring an internet gateway or a Network Address Translation (NAT) instance. With VPC endpoints, the data between the VPC and S3 is transferred within the Amazon network, helping protect your instances from internet traffic.

AWS is excited to announce immediate availability of the new AWS Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region. Seoul joins Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, and Beijing as the fifth AWS Region in Asia Pacific and as the twelfth region worldwide, bringing the total number of AWS Availability Zones to 32 worldwide.