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Customer Support Manager Location: IndonesiaFunction: Specialist Position SummaryA Customer Support Manager supports the company’s customer support activities by directing and overseeing team members, resolving customer questions or complaints, and developing and growing the team with programs and procedures to enhance productivity and performance. Job Description Provides day-to-day leadership to ensure a high-performance, customer service-oriented work environment that […]

Sales Executive Location: IndonesiaFunction: Specialist Position Summary We are looking for Cloud Sales & Solution Executive to work with our customers and prospects. The role is focused on selling and implementing IAAS Solution – AWS, Google, Microsoft and Alibaba Cloud related consulting, solution, professional and managed services. Job Description Develop sales pipeline, follow through on leads, managing […]

Operations Manager Location: IndonesiaFunction: Site Reliability Team (SRT) Position SummaryManage, and maintain servers and infrastructure on the Cloud including storage and network, operating systems (OS), web servers and databases in order to deliver resilient, secure & trusted solutions for customer day to day workloads. Lead the L1 and L2 teams to deliver excellent customer relationships and service […]

As part of Singapore Government five-year plan to embark on a cloud-first journey to migrate majority of their on-premise infrastructure to the commercial cloud, EMA has selected Cloud Comrade as their partner to leverage on our endorsed capabilities to ensure a smooth migration.  Cloud Comrade has earned the highest standards of Microsoft by attaining Gold […]

Cloud technology began as a backup storage option. But in recent years, it has evolved and grown to become an all-inclusive computing platform that has fundamentally transformed the way organizations use, store, and share information.  As we move into a new normal, it is clear that cloud computing is set to be a key enabler […]

In this Cloud Computing world, organizations of all sizes continue to focus on eliminating the need for monotonous tasks and improving processes. However, many organizations still rely on using high valued resources to perform manual tasks. Not only is this a waste of time and money, but it is highly inefficient and will lead to […]

With traditional deployment, new versions of an application are released using various tools to pull the code from a repository and push it to a production server. Once the code has been pushed, each application process is restarted manually. While this process works, it is by no means an easy process to switch from running […]

The Cloud era has brought a perilous challenge of managing application secrets, encryption, and access to any resource in the Cloud. Securing and rotating secrets regularly and properly, both in the Cloud and on-premise, can have a significant challenge. As part of traditional method, we love keeping configurations in text files, we store the database […]