Many businesses are waking up to the various benefits of moving to the cloud, such as reliability, saving money, not having to worry about hardware, and being able to access data securely from any location – but what about the cloud systems themselves? Amazon Web Services has established itself as one of the clear leaders when it comes to cloud computing systems in the world of information technology, and we’re going to take a look at why.

The early years

As the first major player in the lead-up to the battle for the cloud, Amazon has maintained itself as the leader above other large corporations such as Google and Microsoft, all of which have poured billions of dollars into their own competing platforms. By getting a lot of the essentials right, it seems Amazon can do no wrong. For instance, by starting early it stayed ahead of the game with developers who were more than happy to experiment and see what worked and what didn’t. The company was then able to respond to requests for more features, allowing AWS to grow and expand its functionality.

Next, AWS focused on scale along with data centre automation, leading to a very efficient infrastructure that is essentially resistant to rising cost pressures. Its education and subsequent certification services has allowed Amazon to cultivate a rich talent pool filled with skilled workers who are able to demonstrate a wide range of knowledge in their use of AWS, expanding the system beyond their initial developer base and into all sectors of the market.


As the battle for the cloud becomes more cut-throat, companies are slashing their prices in order to establish themselves in the market, so how does Amazon stay on top? By constantly evolving and adding a plethora of new, customer-driven features every year, Amazon expands with the times and continues to meet its customers’ needs at every level. Not only does AWS listen to its customers, its scale also allows its prices to drop at a consistent rate with its competitors.


Although there will be future hurdles, Amazon Web Services has remained one of the leading cloud systems with no sign of letting up. AWS offers state-of-the-art server technology and enterprise-class storage solutions, allowing for clear savings and peace of mind for your business.

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