The latest from Amazon’s never-ending treadmill of updates sees Amazon Web Services introduce a range of improved features to help it compete better across the enterprise IT landscape. Amazon’s identity and access management (IAM) system upgrades are now available across the range of Amazon services. They can help enterprise users and system admins rapidly manage and change AWS user identities and security settings across the business, something more usually seen as the preserve of a Windows or Linux IT system.

In a recent blog post, Amazon’s Jeff Barr, the chief evangelist for AWS, highlighted that the upgrades are part of an overall update to existing IAM features, which had previously been focused on users at the individual level. While that was fine for smaller and mid-sized businesses, enterprises have always required greater flexibility when it comes to managing potentially thousands of accounts.

Under the old regime, accounts were updated one by one, with permissions needing to be changed for individual users, services and systems. The modern IAM, which Amazon has now upgraded its service to, can handle object-based processes, allowing batch changes to access and policies. That means admins can now upgrade and downgrade access to all types of AWS service from the individual, departmental or role level and in other ways too.

This along with Amazon’s recent configuration management database (CMBD) tool, which lets businesses inspect and gain insight into how their cloud resources are being used, will provide better analysis of AWS services. As enterprises have more users working on AWS-based systems, these updates to both IAM and CMBD will help them work faster and smarter when it comes to resource and change management, governance and AWS inventory management.

All of these features will help Amazon tick a couple more boxes along the way to enterprise acceptance among larger businesses, and improve the flexibility of its overall services. As it rolls out yet more features to compete with the likes of Google, Microsoft and the other tech giants, it will need these user-friendly features and more to help in the constant battle to win business around the world, including in Singapore and south-east Asia, where new customers are looking for extreme efficiency from day one.

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