Docker, the new service being touted by many as the next major innovation in cloud computing, has found a new home as part of the world’s leading cloud computing company. During an announcement on Thursday, Amazon Web Services unveiled plans for a new cloud service. The new enterprise is focused on helping software engineers, developers and businesses oversee all their online applications via Docker, an exciting new technology that makes using online software easier and more efficient.

Amazon isn’t the first company to throw its weight behind the emerging technology; earlier this week Microsoft revealed its own plans to incorporate Docker, offering a suite of similar services in its upcoming version of Windows. Google also put the finishing touches on a new, Docker-enabled cloud service. Amazon announced its intentions to get onboard with Docker during its annual cloud computing conference, which took place in Las Vegas. Amazon’s version of the service will reach the market under the guise of a newly developed tool dubbed the EC2 Container Service.

Docker allows vendors to move their software from one machine to another in virtual shipping containers, hence the name. In a time when software needs to reach, as well as run on, machines that number in the thousands, maybe even millions, services like Docker turn a herculean task into a largely painless process. In the past, Amazon has given developers on its cloud computing service access to Docker, allowing them to run software without the need to set up up their own servers. The announcement of the new EC2 Container Service, however, shows them fully embracing the technology.

One of the key components of the new service is the ease with which it allows clients to share data between Amazon’s multiple data centers. This means Amazon’s users can pick from hundreds of server farms, each with their own geographically unique location, which have been separated into different “availability zones.” This, in turn, allows customers to run their applications in various availability zones, safeguarding it from going offline if one zone should go down.

Full details on Amazon and Docker’s new partnership will be announced in December.

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