Amazon Web Services CodeDeploy technology has rolled out of its American homeland and is now available to users in both Europe via the Ireland data centre and Asia-Pacific via Sydney. CodeDeploy helps businesses automate their code deployments both on-premises and in the cloud via Amazon EC2 instances. This allows for highly efficient delivery of code and makes it easier to release updates, add new features and test services in any environment.

The automation aspect removes the risk of error from manual installations, and duplication means that even the smallest update becomes a hassle-free deployment. Updates can be managed across any service to keep your apps consistent and to ensure data integrity, with the feature available and scalable from a single instance all the way up to many thousands of deployments.

Other news from AWS this week sees the integration of CloudTrail logging onto Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). Users of this feature can send bulk emails using the cloud, with easy statistical analysis of receipts and other information. The addition of CloudTrail logging adds the ability to capture a subset of any API calls made by Amazon’s SES console, sending the resulting log files to the bucket of your choice.

This data could include identity, timing information, API information and responses from the receiving servers. This could be used to gain more information about the process, or to help perform security analysis, track changes to resources and for compliance auditing purposes.

With Amazon recently having picked up ClusterK, and started to reveal its finances generated by AWS, the company now seems to have returned to focusing on the day-to-day integration issues that matter to users. Expect more modest feature integration and updates in the coming months until the next wave of major Summit events in summer, taking place in Chicago (1st July) and New York (9th July).

The next summit in Singapore is just days away on 19th May, you can register here: for more information about Amazon and AWS services, with many useful sessions, plus a keynote address from Stephen Orban, the head of enterprise strategy for AWS.

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