Good Health is a Luxury

Sinimed Pte Ltd 

About Sinimed

Sinimed is an innovative and agile organization providing advanced IT solutions to its customers in the field of tracking and traceability. It is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries consuming over 10 per cent of gross domestic product( GDP) of most developed nations, health care forms an enormous part of a country’s economy.

Headquartered in Singapore and with offices in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, they help large groups such as Singapore General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital or Changi Airport Group to achieve their business goals through innovation.

The established solutions they provide include video analytics, real time location system, inventory, asset management, surgical instrument traceability, allowing them to stay at the forefront of technology by engaging in a number of R&D initiatives around IoT, B2B platforms and data analytics.

The Challenge

Before the process of migration, the company was working on its IT operations associated with managing and maintaining all the solution with on-premise infrastructure. The challenges faced by the company required in-house server hardware, software licenses, integration capabilities, and IT employees on hand to support and manage potential issues.

The business decided to migrate to a new infrastructure and hence Sinimed wanted a platform where its operations are facile and effortless to configure and which requires no special training and expertise. Cloud Comrade convinced the business that migrating to the cloud could ease their operations, where the storage is simple to understand, smooth to order and incredibly cost effective to scale.

The organization was passionate about helping its customers achieve the digital transformation of their business. Sinimed has been proudly bringing innovative software solutions to the Healthcare industry for over 12 years with a large array of highly specialized solutions to help hospitals, to optimize their operations. This allows them to focus on serving their patients while minimizing risks and maximizing safety. They believe that the power of technology can make Cities and Enterprises smarter.

Why Amazon Web Services?

Sinimed believes that cloud computing is revolutionizing the IT industry. As the cloud adoption exponentially grows, the business of all sizes is booming. They were aware that major industries that were getting benefited out of cloud adoption were healthcare, retail, finance, education, marketing and advertising sectors. They believe that the power of technology can make Cities and Enterprises smarter and this was achievable only through Cloud Comrade with Amazon Web Services.

Sinimed was very cautious in their course of the transition to cloud infrastructure and hence decided to engage with Cloud Comrade. It incorporated Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) to provide cost-efficient and to host Microsoft SQL Server to store relational database of DMS application. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) was used to store for backup and retrieve data from anywhere. The distribution of email notifications to customers and other relevant external parties was managed by Amazon Simple Email Service(Amazon SES)

Sinimed was sure that large companies and corporations require the largest IT investment. Enterprise cloud adoption has resulted in significant bottom-line savings by improving IT efficiency, eliminating the need for a large security and maintenance staff, and lowering the cost of server space.


Initially, the organization was concerned about the safety of their sensitive company and customer data. They wanted to make sure that the information is not lost or compromised through data breaches or account hijacking.

But, Cloud Comrade gave them confidence by carefully considering service providers, security concerns, and ongoing process challenges in order to create an efficient and secure experience for the business. Cloud Computing platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) has enabled companies to consume shared computing, storage and other resources faster and more efficient. The company now use AWS as the infrastructure was elastic and scalable, to quickly add and subtract resources to the applications.

Cloud Comrade used familiar architectures, databases, operating systems and programming languages to improves overall productivity. Sinimed says that Cloud Comrade used secure interfaces and application programming interfaces for safe migration. The team has delivered its services in accordance with the industry’s highest and security best practices.