Digital Purchase Journey on Cloud

Singlife - The Digital Insurer

Singapore Life Pte Ltd

Investing in a company that gives you a benefit, in the long run, is always the main priority of any investor. Well choosing the right company to invest in is like commencing with the foundation of a building. 

Singapore Life is the latest fully licensed direct life insurer to be approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. According to the insurer, it is the first local insurer – that is, with no foreign partners – to be licensed since 1970. At SingLife, investing is made effortless with the use of smart technologies to make your insurance totally digital and automated efficiencies to make it more convenient and affordable.

Monitoring and Tracking Concerns 

At Singlife, they believe in unlocking the potential of money for their customers’. The Investing company is quite advanced and leverages smart technologies to make insurance digital and mobile-first. However, as their business spans across the region, SingLife wanted a better way to track their spending and be able to charge back to the various regional business units. 

They realised that migrating their applications to a cloud would be the solution and a smart move as it is gaining a lot of popularity within the industry. As a Singapore headquartered company and the first, to be receiving a Premier Consulting Partner, Cloud Comrade was approached by Singlife to cater for their requirements. Singlife also looking for seamless backend operations to save time in provisioning and configuring cloud resources. 

Infrastructure and Services to Elevate Security and Compliance in the Cloud

The organization was assisted and consulted by the Cloud Comrade team and recommended the right services to elevate their security and compliance. 

“With AMS, we are covered with security, compliance, support, optimization and insights. As such, we can focus on our business and continue to migrate the remaining applications to AMS,” says Lowe, CTO of SingIfe. 

As Singlife customers experience a digital purchase journey, the organization puts customers on the forefront before executing and exploring such advancements. 

“With AMS, we are covered with security, compliance, support, optimisation and insights. As such, we can focus on our business. And continue to migrate the remaining applications to AMS.” 

Ned Lowe
CTO, SingLife

Audit-Friendly Service Features to Meet Regulations and Audit Standards 

Customers always look for security and compliance as their key priorities while investing and sharing their data, Singlife utilizes cloud infrastructure with Industry Compliance standards like ISO 27001, CIS, SOC to meet their requirements with the help of AWS Managed Services. 

The organisation swiftly builds, trains and deploy analytical models to identify signals which leads to improved customer service, risk identification, and preventive capabilities. This has enabled the business to drive growth and position itself as a future-ready insurance company. Using AMS services and applications, Singlife is able to track and monitor their spending across their region. 

The post Go Live Support from Cloud Comrade and AWS 

We at Cloud Comrade are committed to customer engagement and support the SingLife cloud infrastructure 24/7 and 365 days. The organization has ensured that its infrastructure is proactively monitored and maintained to eliminate issues across its network. 

Singlife is now able to save time and cost as AWS Managed Services is able to track and analyse protocols thus allowing the organization to focus on its business targets.