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Ancileo Pte Ltd

Ancileo provides flexible software-as-a-service solutions for the entire Insurance value chain. They provide plug-and-play, secure and customizable technology solutions for insurers, re-insurers, brokers and affinity partners. 

Ancileo offers 360°Insurance Technology Solutions such as Digital Distribution, Claims Automation, Policy Management, Premium Billing and Business Analytics. 

Digitalization for a Seamless Process

Everything about Ancileo is designed for a smooth user experience and increased productivity in the insurance process without incurring extra time, effort and labour. They wanted a secure, scalable infrastructure, to build speed and flexibility. 

The organization provides customizable technology solutions to improve policyholder satisfaction, modular and insightful policy management system designed to be used simultaneously by various departments. 

However, they were in need of help to operate their AWS infrastructure as they lacked the knowledge to secure their cloud environment. Furthermore, Ancileo aimed at ensuring proper measurements on their industry compliance and implementation. 

Resource Provisioning Platform Automated to 85 % 

As a Premier Consulting and AMS Partner, Cloud Comrade worked together with AWS to help Ancileo. After migrating to the Cloud, they use a smarter and revolutionary solution to operate, thus increasing their customer satisfaction.

“ Moving into AMS is the fastest way for us to migrate into a cloud environment that provides us with robust security and compliance to meet our requirements.” 

Sylvain Dutzer

CTO, Ancileo  

Their backend operations are seamlessly incorporated into its existing systems thus making the platform easier, reliable, automated and affordable to use. At the same time ensuring more than 85% of Ancileo’s resource provisioning has been automated. 

Robust Security and Compliance Guardrails

Security and compliance was a major challenge for Ancileo while working in a cloud environment. Cloud Comrade implemented AWS Managed Services to offer a step-by-step process to improve security and compliance guardrails. 

“Moving into AMS is the fastest way for us to migrate into a cloud environment that provides us with robust security and compliance to meet our requirements,” says Sylvain Dutzer, CTO of Ancileo Pte. Ltd 

These solutions prevent and detect threats, by governing the resources and monitoring compliance across a group of accounts. Their organisation uses cloud infrastructure with Industry Compliance standards like ISO 27001, CIS, SOC to meet their audit requirements. 

24×7 Support by Cloud Comrade & AWS Certified Experts 

“Comrade team abetted Ancileo with a hassle-free onboarding process,” says Dutzer. The organisation along with the best practices implemented by Cloud Comrade maintain the organization’s infrastructure and reduced its operational overheads and risks. Cloud Comrade along with its experts provide 24×7 support and unburdens their infrastructure operations. 

“With support from CC (L1) and AMS ops (L2), we can focus on our core business,” says Dutzer. 

Cloud Environment for Seamless Process

Ancileo experiences smooth, reliable and affordable insurance management by implementing the solutions on AWS Managed Services. The organisation widens’ its operations by developing technology solutions to operate efficiently. They are able to track their data with real-time notifications thanks to their backend operations in a cloud environment.