Below you can find some selected case studies how we have been able to help our customers to transition to Cloud. Drop us a mail or give us a ring if you would like to hear more how we can help your organisation do the same.

When a Singapore-based Norwegian Oil and Gas service provider wanted to have their enterprise systems hosted on Amazon Web Services they turned to us for implementation and managed services. Now the company has a future-proof Cloud platform to cater for their rapid growth around the Asia Pacific and Middle East region.

A Singaporean University was facing performance and scalability issues with their existing student applications until Cloud Comrade helped them to migrate to AWS. The university can now take advantage of the Cloud when they experience spikes in their admission process and provide a better user experience to their students.

An SAP Consulting company wanted to build their clients cost effective, out-of-the-box, enterprise offerings. They turned to us for AWS deployments and managed services for SAP B1. The end clients get all the benefits of high availability, security and disaster recovery included in one single practical Cloud Offering.

Singaporean game-based learning solution company had built their technology on a hosting provider that could no longer handle the user growth. Amazon Web Services and Cloud Comrade was the natural choice to implement their solution that can scale to millions of new users when needed.

An Australian-based HR Consultancy wanted to do rapid prototyping for their end customers. Cloud Comrade helped the company to win more business by provisioning systems on AWS that ensured a smooth user experience and 24/7 availability to convince the customer to sign up for the project.

A German automotive manufacturer wanted to find out how to use cloud technologies to implement new sales processes to better cater for their customers' changing demands. Cloud Comrade deployed and managed a regional implementation of custom applications. 

Cloud Comrade has designed and built a prototype for a Disaster Relief initiative that can help to lower costs, reduce human suffering and save lives in future disaster relief operations. The platform is hosted on AWS and based on in-house IP in collaboration with a local university and non-governmental organisations.