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15Mar 2018

Starting today, AWS Elemental MediaTailor supports the Video Player-Ad Interface Definition (VPAID) standard. VPAID allows video publishers to serve highly interactive video ads and collect viewing metrics from their monetized streams. You can now use AWS Elemental MediaTailor to serve a combination of server-side stitched linear ads, using the VAST standard, and client-side inserted interactive ads, using the VPAID standard, in the same stream.

14Mar 2018

AWS CloudTrail makes it easier to search CloudTrail log files using the power of Amazon Athena. Previously, you had to manually create a CloudTrail table using the Athena console or AWS CLI and ensure you had the proper configuration and data definitions to match the CloudTrail log format. Now, from within the CloudTrail console event history page, you simply enter the Amazon S3 bucket where your CloudTrail logs are stored, and CloudTrail will automatically create the Athena table for you. Once the table is created, you’ll be able to jump directly to the Athena console query editor and immediately begin running queries.

14Mar 2018

Starting today, you can now use Amazon CloudFront to negotiate HTTPS connections to origins using Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA). ECDSA uses smaller keys that are faster, yet, just as secure, as the older RSA algorithm. The smaller keys will also increase the number of TLS handshakes that your origins can process per second, thereby saving compute cycles and reducing your cost of cryptography. To enable ECDSA, simply configure your origin server to use and prefer an ECDSA certificate. There is no additional fee for using this feature. To learn more about how ECDSA works on CloudFront, see the blog post and the CloudFront Developer Guide.


14Mar 2018

Today we are releasing support for using GraphQL subscriptions with the AWS AppSync Android SDK. Complex Object capabilities, which allow GraphQL operations using content stored in Amazon S3 using an Amazon DynamoDB link are also now supported as part of this release. These features provide customers capabilities to have real-time data streamed to their applications from data sources such as Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Elasticsearch service, or AWS Lambda.