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AWS Step Functions now supports higher throughput workflows, making it easier to coordinate applications with high event rates and variable loads. Starting today, throughput has increased from 400 state transitions per second to 1,000 state transitions per second with burst capacity of 5,000 state transitions. The default start rate for AWS Step Functions state machine executions has also increased from 25 per second to 200 per second, with burst capacity of up to 1,000 starts in select regions.

AWS CodeCommit now enables you to restrict who can commit changes to the master branch or any branch of your choosing. Previously, you could control who can make changes to a repository but not to specific branches within a repository. Now, you can define which actions are allowed on a branch and who has permission to perform those actions. This makes it easy to set-up a workflow where only approved users can merge pull requests or commit changes to a sensitive branch.

Amazon RDS now offers Multi-AZ support for Amazon RDS for SQL Server in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region. This new high availability option leverages SQL Server Mirroring technology with additional improvements to meet the requirements of enterprise-grade production workloads running on SQL Server. The Multi-AZ deployment option provides enhanced availability and data durability by automatically replicating database updates between two AWS Availability Zones. Availability Zones are physically separate locations with independent infrastructure engineered to be insulated from failures in other Availability Zones.

AWS Systems Manager now makes it easy to collect inventory from all managed instances in a region. Now, in a single click, all new and existing managed instances within a region in your AWS account are configured to collect inventory using the AWS Systems Manager Inventory service. The instance will automatically start collecting inventory based on your AWS Systems Manager Inventory configuration when there is a new managed instance in your account.  

Today we are announcing the availability of License Included (LI) Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for Windows Server version 1709 and 1803 for Amazon EC2, providing customers with an easy and flexible way to get up and running with the latest versions of Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel release. These versions of Windows Server include new enhancements such as smaller disk footprint, Kubernetes support, and Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL), and are best suited for use cases including building modern container and micro-services based Windows applications.