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You can now enhance the security and visibility of Amazon Machine Learning API calls with AWS CloudTrail, to deliver log files containing records of your API calls. You can use AWS CloudTrail logs for security analysis to troubleshoot operational and security incidents, or for auditing and resource tracking for your Amazon ML API usage. You can receive logs for Amazon Machine Learning API calls when you turn on AWS CloudTrail from the AWS CloudTrail console.

Wherever you are in the world, regulatory compliance is a growing issue for all sizes and types of businesses. The need to store data in certain forms, to keep original files, to archive emails and so on is pressing. Amazon Web Services has a new feature for its Glacier storage service to help in these […]

Amazon Web Services has launched its second City on a Cloud challenge, a worldwide initiative recognising governments and their technology partners who are using cloud computing to deliver more effective services and instant information to the public in their respective countries.A panel of judges will appraise governments’ and technology firms’ projects based on a number […]

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has confirmed its intention to be greener than ever before with the launch of a massive new renewable energy project in the United States. The cloud company has revealed it will be building the largest solar farm in Virginia, which will be expected to start generating around 170,000 megawatt hours (MWh) […]

Startup businesses are driving the Internet of Things revolution. We’ve already seen Google acquire thermostat maker Nest. Nest, along with Ecobee, is challenging massive corporate giants like Honeywell in their traditional markets. Every day, new startups launch crowd-funding efforts to create new IoT devices that will disrupt other markets. If your enterprise isn’t responding to […]

Amazon Web Services CodeDeploy technology has rolled out of its American homeland and is now available to users in both Europe via the Ireland data centre and Asia-Pacific via Sydney. CodeDeploy helps businesses automate their code deployments both on-premises and in the cloud via Amazon EC2 instances. This allows for highly efficient delivery of code […]

Hot on the heels of its first successful AWS-laden earnings announcement (, Amazon is making moves to protect its market. It has just announced the acquisition of a start-up company called ClusterK that uses its technology to help reduce costs when it comes to using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances. This clever management system can reduce […]

Amazon Web Services’ dominance in cloud computing has been further cemented by increasing growth and revenues, placing the company as one of the leading facilitators of activity on the internet today. AWS had sales of US$1.57 billion in the first quarter of 2015, with overall group sales for the first three months of the year […]

Hot on the heels of services from Microsoft Azure and Google, AWS has added a machine learning tool to its cloud services. Allowing users to develop predictive, learning and statistics-based awareness, Amazon Machine Learning takes a user-created model, or set of rules, plus all the data you can deliver from your Amazon S3 service or […]

Despite most users’ casual usage of cloud computing, every fraction of a second and every byte of data counts – especially when you’re dealing with big data systems, huge amounts of information and vast numbers of calculations. Amazon has a new on-demand instance feature for EC2 users to cater for big data users, called Dense […]