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You can now use the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Cloud Control to manage multiple Amazon RDS for Oracle database instances. The OEM Cloud Control offers a solution that allows you to monitor and manage the complete Oracle IT infrastructure from a single console. Amazon RDS for Oracle installs the Oracle Management Agent (OMA) which communicates with your Oracle Management Service (OMS) to provide monitoring information.

Today, we added a tool for bulk importing your user identities into Your User Pools in Amazon Cognito. This tool makes it easy for developers to migrate their existing users from their existing identity provider to an Amazon Cognito user pool. User attribute values are imported with a .csv file, which can be uploaded through the console, our APIs, or CLI. When imported users first sign in, they confirm their account and create a new password with a code sent to their email address or phone. There is no additional cost for using the import tool. To learn more, see our import tool documentation.

We’ve redesigned the AWS Storage Gateway console making it easier to configure, manage, and monitor all your gateways, volumes, and virtual tapes. The simplified interface provides filterable views, and direct links to integrated services such as Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon EBS. The new console enables you to do tasks faster and with fewer clicks.

The redesigned console is available to all customers and no action is required on your part. Please see our Getting Started User Guide or try it now!

Amazon CloudWatch announces usability improvements to the CloudWatch Logs Console. The Logs Console now gives customers the ability to share the state of their log sessions with their teams to facilitate collaboration when troubleshooting issues. Sharing is done via human readable URLs that include timestamp and search parameters. In addition, customers can narrow down their log search to specific time frames with just one click. The Logs Console now supports infinite scrolling, allowing customers to navigate large volumes of log data without pagination. It also improves readability of log data through additional display formatting options.

To learn more about these usability improvements click here. To know more about CloudWatch Logs, visit the CloudWatch Logs product page.