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Amazon Web Services has open-sourced the emr-dynamodb-connector, which enables Apache Hive and Apache Spark on Amazon EMR to access data in Amazon DynamoDB. You can process data directly in Amazon DynamoDB using these applications, or join tables in Amazon DynamoDB with external tables in Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, or other data stores that can be accessed by Amazon EMR. The connector is still included for use on each node in your Amazon EMR cluster. To learn more or contribute to the project, visit the emr-dynamodb-connector GitHub page.

We are excited to announce the release of Amazon Lumberyard Beta 1.5, which includes 210 new improvements, fixes and features to Amazon’s free, AAA game engine deeply integrated with AWS and Twitch. Lumberyard Beta 1.5 introduces an Asset Builder SDK, so game developers can track, reload, automatically rebuild, and process any asset formats their game requires. Additionally, Lumberyard Beta 1.5 adds support for OSVR virtual reality devices, new component entities so developers can build gameplay with less engineering support, distance-based particle effects optimization, and more. Read about the update in the GameDev Blog and the Lumberyard Beta 1.5 release notes.

You can now easily enable encryption for data at-rest and in-transit for Apache Spark, Apache Tez, and Apache Hadoop MapReduce on Amazon EMR. For encryption at-rest, you can encrypt data stored in Amazon S3 with the EMR File System (EMRFS) and data stored on your Amazon EMR cluster in the local file system on each node and the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). For encryption in-transit, Amazon EMR will enable the open-source encryption features for Apache Spark, Apache Tez, and Apache Hadoop MapReduce.

You can now send email directly from your RDS for Oracle databases by using the UTL_MAIL package. To enable UTL_Mail for your DB instance, you need to create a new option group, or copy or modify an existing option group and add the option Oracle UTL_MAIL to it. You then need to associate this option group to your DB instance either by selecting the option while creating a new instance or while modifying an existing instance. Right now, we only support single attachments up to 32KB in size and only ASCII and EBCDIC character encodings. Amazon RDS supports UTL_MAIL for the Oracle version and later, and later and and later. These versions include the July 2016 Oracle Patch Set Updates (PSU).  

Amazon API Gateway now supports three new features that make it easy to integrate APIs with AWS Lambda and HTTP endpoints. Previously, you needed to define each method and its integration behavior in API Gateway in order to integrate with backend endpoints. Now, you can route all traffic to a specific backend endpoint without having to apply any request or response mappings and transformations.

You can now monitor, alarm and receive notifications on the operational performance and usage of Amazon Elastic Transcoder using Amazon CloudWatch. Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service for AWS cloud resources and the applications you run on AWS. Amazon Elastic Transcoder now automatically publishes nine operational metrics into Amazon CloudWatch, giving you more visibility into the overall health of your transcoding workflow and the ability to invoke an action if the metric you are tracking crosses a certain threshold for a defined period of time. You can monitor metrics such as jobs completed, jobs that errored out, output minutes generated, standby time, and errors and throttles on various API calls.