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You can now monitor and automatically react to changes in your AWS CodeDeploy deployments using Amazon CloudWatch Events. This lets you detect changes in the state of an Amazon EC2 instance or deployment managed by CodeDeploy, and then invoke an action based on rules that you set. This is useful for building workflows and processes that are triggered by changes in your deployments. 

You can now connect to all the read replicas on your Amazon Aurora cluster through a single reader end point. Until now, you could use the cluster end point to connect to the primary instance in the cluster or instance end points to direct queries to specific instances on your Aurora cluster.  

After almost a year of developer feedback and contributions, version 1.0 of the AWS SDK for C++ is now available and recommended for production use. New features include an improved S3 Transfer Manager, cross platform encryption, simplified build and configuration and NuGet support for Windows customers. 

AWS Config continuously records configuration changes to resources in your AWS account and provides you a history of how your resources were configured in the past. On the Config timeline for resources recorded by AWS Config, you can now view associated API events tracked by AWS CloudTrail. The API events contain relevant details such as the name of the API, user identity of the caller, and the time at which the API call was made. You can use this information to correlate the API calls that may have resulted in the configuration changes recorded by AWS Config.