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In its latest round of price reductions, Amazon has set about slashing the costs of bandwidth, significantly lowering prices on outbound data migrating from its CloudFront content delivery platform. With the price war between Amazon and Google hotting up, both companies are looking for new ways to attract small and medium-sized businesses to their cloud […]

Global cloud-computing giant Amazon Web Services has added to its already vast array of cutting-edge features, in order to make it even more attractive for companies in South-East Asia and around the world looking to be more efficient and profitable. AWS announced the new services at a recent tech conference, re:Invent, in Las Vegas and […]

Data centres use enormous amounts of power to run their millions of servers and to keep them cool, and so when Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest cloud-computing operation in the world, promised to go 100% green by only using renewable energy, environmentalists everywhere rejoiced. The many corporate clients of AWS, in Singapore and wider […]

Companies in South-East Asia and around the world are flocking to leading cloud-computing services such as Amazon Web Services in record numbers, lured by greater efficiencies and far lower costs, a new survey reveals. The study, by digital media company IDG Enterprise, found that 69 percent of firms surveyed had switched their IT infrastructure from […]

Docker, the new service being touted by many as the next major innovation in cloud computing, has found a new home as part of the world’s leading cloud computing company. During an announcement on Thursday, Amazon Web Services unveiled plans for a new cloud service. The new enterprise is focused on helping software engineers, developers […]

Global standards organisations have been attempting in recent years to define exactly what cloud computing is, removing some of the confusing jargon and trying to make it crystal clear what precisely this powerful and in-demand service is. Many people in the business sector and elsewhere may already know that cloud computing is a fairly nebulous […]

Amazon Web Services, in conjunction with The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), has begun trialling a data as a service project, which both organisations believe will heighten the visibility of data sets held in the private sector. The pilot scheme is a part of the “Smart Nation” initiative unveiled by the Singapore government this […]

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is most the favoured enterprise cloud service among businesses, according to new research, while the company says it’s not cost savings that are driving firms to the cloud but flexibility. In a quarterly report by cloud-security firm Skyhigh Networks that examined the data of over 13 million users, AWS emerged as […]

In a further indication of the growing clout of cloud computing, a new study among chief financial officers shows a real fear that their companies will not be able to compete in the marketplace if they don’t make the transition, and soon. Research carried out by French IT services firm Atos reveals that three quarters […]

Many businesses are reaping the rewards of shifting to the cloud, with increased profits and an easier infrastructure for their employees; however, the impact of cloud computing on the environment cannot be ignored. In an age where we need to do all we can to reduce our footprint on the world and seek out alternative […]