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AWS Mobile Hub now allows you to set the AWS region where you would like your project’s AWS resources to be provisioned. These include – US East (N Virginia), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), EU (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and Asia Pacific (Sydney). Simply login to the AWS Mobile Hub console, create a new project and set the region you would like your resources for that project to be created in. Mobile Hub then uses this setting to provision AWS resources as you enable features like Cloud Logic, NoSQL database and User Data Storage in that region. Additionally, if a particular AWS service needed by a feature is not available in a region that you have provisioned, Mobile Hub will provision services in the nearest region where that AWS service is available.

Start today by visiting AWS Mobile Hub console.

We are pleased to announce that AWS Schema Conversion Tool now supports conversions from Oracle Data Warehouse and Teradata to Amazon Redshift. SCT actively analyzes the application and custom database code in the source data warehouse platform in order to provide optimized DDL statements with appropriate sort and distribution keys for Amazon Redshift.

AWS Database Migration Service now supports continuous data replication. Customers have the option of enabling Multi-AZ which provides a replication stream that is fault tolerant through redundant replication servers. Continuous replication, when combined with DMS’ ability to migrate data between database engines, results in an exponential growth of potential use cases. 

We are pleased to announce that you can now add cost allocation tags to your AWS Directory Service directories. Tags make it easier for you to allocate costs and optimize spending by categorizing and grouping AWS resources. For example, you can use tags to group resources by administrator, application name, cost center, or a specific project.