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While Elasticsearch has been a big success across Amazon Web Search properties, with some 10 million downloads, the big data search engine currently doesn’t play that well with Elastic Cloud Compute. This is something that Amazon plans to change with a new version offering easier EC2 integration. Elasticsearch is considered more friendly and useful than […]

The latest from Amazon’s never-ending treadmill of updates sees Amazon Web Services introduce a range of improved features to help it compete better across the enterprise IT landscape. Amazon’s identity and access management (IAM) system upgrades are now available across the range of Amazon services. They can help enterprise users and system admins rapidly manage […]

Record numbers of businesses are migrating to cloud computing services to benefit from a growing array of competitive advantages and increasingly lower costs, according to a new report, which places Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the preferred cloud provider among firms. The report, Cloud Adoption & Risk Report Q4 2014, singles out AWS as the […]

Synergy Research Group has just published new data showing impressive growth for Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) division. The company’s cloud data storage and processing technology now claims 28% of the global market, and is still growing. That represents a five-year high for market share and 50% year-over-year growth in the increasingly competitive cloud infrastructure services […]

Amazon’s various businesses generate vast amounts of revenue, but the company as a whole is rather vague about how it reports them, so we have little idea just how the AWS business is doing. That’s of considerable interest to those companies interested in using AWS or developing services based around it. In its latest earnings […]

Amazon is on the acquisitions trail again, this time looking to pick up an Israeli semiconductor firm, Annapurna Labs. The company produces specialised chips that improve the speed of data traffic while running in power-efficient compute environments. With Amazon keen on its green enterprise credentials, that should also help reduce power costs within its data […]

AWS Lambda is now live across Amazon Web Services in preview form. The new compute service from Amazon provides an automated response to events within your business cloud processes or AWS services, and automatically launches a new piece of Node.js code or an application (up to 20MB upload size including libraries) to respond to the […]

Most cloud solutions are built on hypervisor and virtual machine technologies. There are few cloud providers who offer bare metal servers instead of virtual machines but they are more of an exception. In general the cloud provider, in this case an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, builds their services on top of a hypervisor […]

Cloud computing is a third generation way of managing business data, using a network of secure servers hosted on the internet. The servers process and manage data more efficiently that a personal computer or local server. Not sure if the cloud is right for you? Here are some facts on how this technology can help […]

There are several key security advantages of migrating your business to the cloud. These include a vast array of real time updates and alerts, and access to a wider variety of different solutions for any given security issue that you would have with security software installed on your company’s computer. Once your company has migrated […]