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With AWS Elemental MediaLive you can now output live channels as RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) and RTMPS, which is the encrypted version of the protocol (Secure, over SSL/TLS). RTMP is the preferred protocol for sending live streams to popular social platforms which means you can send live channel content to social and sharing platforms in a secure and reliable way while continuing to stream to your own website, app or network.

The AWS Amplify JavaScript Library introduces GraphQL support and a new set of data capabilities with AWS AppSync integration.

Web and React Native developers can now easily integrate multiple AWS data sources into their apps via AWS AppSync, and utilize real-time data synchronization capabilities in their apps using the new GraphQL capabilities of the API category in AWS Amplify.

GraphQL is a descriptive data query language for APIs, and it simplifies creating frontend applications that interact with backend services. AWS Amplify can integrate with any GraphQL provider to perform queries and real-time data subscriptions via it’s easy to use GraphQL client.

AWS AppSync extends GraphQL’s capabilities even more by offering enterprise-level security, real-time data synchronization, and orchestration of backend data resources. AWS Amplify’s built-in support for AWS AppSync comes with new React components for working with GraphQL data, and an update to the AWS Mobile CLI which enables configuring AWS AppSync for JavaScript apps with a single command.

GraphQL support is the latest addition to AWS Amplify’s service categories, which help developers to build cloud-connected apps easily, iterate quickly and deliver world-class user experiences.

Read more about AWS Amplify GraphQL support in the AWS Amplify Developer Guide.

AWS Amplify is a Javascript library that can be used from any region where there is availability of the AWS services that are invoked through the library. For more information on AWS service region availability, please see the region table.

You can now use Apache Spark 2.3.0, Apache HBase 1.4.2, and Presto 0.194 on Amazon EMR release 5.13.0. Spark 2.3.0 adds several new features and updates, including continuous processing mode in Structured Streaming for lower end-to-end latency, an improved ORC file format reader that supports vectorized reads and improves scan throughput, PySpark and Pandas interoperability improvements. improvements. HBase 1.4.2 and Presto 0.194 includes various bug fixes and improvements. Additionally, the AWS SDK included on your Amazon EMR clusters is now updated to 1.11.297.